Green Bee Bus Stop Roof Project

Giuseppe Gillespie
Rene Sonnenberg

August 2022

Forest Friends Ireland Green Bee Bus Stop Roof

In partnership with businesses Shouk and Plantup, Forest Friends Ireland have managed to bring our Green Bee Bus Stop Roof project to life in Ireland.

The idea is relatively simple to implement and meets many of the important biodiversity needs of humans and animals.

A great example of where green bus stop roofs have been implemented is in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands – utilising free space in the city, over 300 bus stops have been turned into green spaces. See more information in the short clip below:

Benefits of the Green Bee Bus Shelter

First, the green Bee Bus Stop Shelter project aims to protect and support biodiversity in all aspects. This is because it creates many additional opportunities to bring green spaces into the city. Unused areas can now be put to good use. In addition, these roofs are also able to store a lot of water. This means that less rainwater ends up on the streets. In all large cities, there is the problem of soil sealing and the resulting flooding. With an appropriate amount of absorbent roofs, this can be counteracted.

To gain as many advantages as possible from such projects, the plan is to install solar panels in a second phase. This will help to achieve further sustainable development goals. Ireland wants to support these goals and hopefully also rely on clean and affordable energy in the future. Furthermore, the responsible use of resources and production will be added. The goal is to also obtain and produce these in an environmentally-friendly way. 

An ecosystem is very unstable and easily influenced. Therefore, these green roofs seek to have a positive impact on nature and the urban, city-scape ecosystem. The well-being of everyone is improved because the environment looks cleaner and more modern. But the roofs have many other advantages for people. On hot days, normal roofs offer shade, but green roofs absorb heat, whereas normal roofs heat up and then give off the heat. Under the green roofs stays cool because the plants absorb the light and use it for their photosynthesis. For health, the green roof has two advantages. First, it cools the environment on warm days. Next, the plants bind a large part of the fine dust from exhaust fumes in the city. This is particularly beneficial for people with pre-existing conditions. Lung diseases and cancer are promoted and intensified by particulate matter. Green roofs are not only beneficial for physical health. Mental well-being also improves in the vicinity of natural environments.

As already mentioned, ecosystems are under threat and by increasing the amount of green space in cities we can help to bring back some nature. The focus here is on bees and other pollinators, that way all other plants in the area benefit from a healthy bee population. More bees mean more pollination, and ultimately plants grow better in an intact ecosystem.

UN SDGs the Project Covers

Clean Energy

  • Sustainable Energy when solar panels are placed
  • Can be used as a light for the bus stop

Cons. & Prod.

  • The green bus stop helps in air filtration by removing fine dust in the environment

Climate Action

  • Helps to remove temperature in cities
  • Reduction of particulate matter in the air

Life on Land

  • Protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems
  • More green spaces in urban environments

A big thank you to all of our interns and members that helped bring the project to life!



Plant up is a design-based plantscaping business with a focus on biophilia and biophilic design. They provide commercial and residential styling services, sales, rental, and maintenance of indoor plants.

They also provide outdoor planting to balcony, terrace and other outdoor spaces allowing planting schemes to run seamlessly from the indoors to outdoor. We work directly with clients and we liaise with designers and architects in the early stages of a projects to ensure the best planting scheme is achieved taking all factors into consideration including light, aspect, flow and interior design of the building.

Shouk is a Mediterranean kitchen located in Drumcondra, Dublin. Shouk supports and runs a wide range of sustainability and environmental projects and events.

About the Authors

Giuseppe Gillespie (Editing, Design, Layout)

Giuseppe Gillespie is an infrequent Irish writer with an eye for little details. With little to no background or education in writing, creative or otherwise, it is nothing short of a miracle that you are reading this.

Rene Sonnenberg (Writer, Research)

Rene Sonnenberg is a Business Administration intern at Forest Friends Ireland. Originally from Germany, Rene has a passion for sustainability and environmental projects.

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