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Forest Friends Ireland was founded in 2000 to provide an alternative to a rampant monoculture forestry policy. We value forests because of their essential role in maintaining the fragile ecosystems which preserve the earth’s rich biological and cultural diversity.

Registered Charity Number: 341054

Our Objectives:

  • To bring about a change in the present status quo, whereby forestry policy in Ireland is based primarily on a monoculture, a single species, namely Sitka Spruce.
  • To work towards the achievement of a policy based on biodiversity and continuous canopy, in accordance with the principles annunciated in the Convention on Biodiversity, at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit 1992.
  • Re-establish a culture of forests.
  • Develop cross-border and cross-cultural projects.
  • Use 100% native/near native, mainly broadleaf and native coniferous species from native seed stock.
  • Promote ethical investment in forests including core funding.
  • Protect Rainforests and other major centers of biodiversity and   cultural diversity.
  • Create a Great Irish Forest.
  • Achieve a key stakeholder role for local communities.
  • Use a Local Agenda 21 approach.
  • Develop tree nurseries. Conserve native woodlands, develop new woodlands.
  • Oppose clear felling.
  • Promote forest trusts.
  • Promote sustainable economic systems inclusive of the economies of nature.
  • Promote the arts in the context of our environment.
  • To create and preserve a center of excellence of biodiverse forest habitats/native woodlands, ideally in the context of existing native woodlands, demonstrating best practice in management, and including coppicing and the promotion and development of woodcrafts.

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Forest Friends Ireland receive grant funding from the Irish Department of the Environment Climate and Communications through the Irish Environmental Network (IEN). The IEN supports and coordinates individual organisations like Forest Friends Ireland who are all engaged in protecting and enhancing the environment through their various projects and educational activities.