Creating an Ecological Office Environment

Sarah Gáliková


How about an ecological office environment?

In recent years, ecological awareness has been growing in society about the need to take care of our planet. This means that more and more people are looking for and trying to implement ecological solutions wherever possible. But today we will look at life in the company, specifically in the office premises, and how to improve it so that you are “green”.

Light and electricity

When choosing a location for our business, we should consider whether the building has any environmental certifications, such as LEED or BREEAM. We also cannot forget enough sunlight in the premises, because it can save us a lot of money and is also much more beneficial than light bulbs.

Saving paper

The enormous consumption of paper is one of the most serious problems in the premises of many companies. However, it is possible to improve this problem on several levels. The paper itself should be recyclable or FSC certified. Employees should also print on both sides of the paper and edit the text efficiently so that it takes up fewer pages. More on this later in the article.


Sorting and recycling waste in the workplace is also a problem, as almost everyone throws all their waste into their desk bin. So you should introduce, for example, recycling bins in the kitchen, or a few smaller stations with bins near the tables, where everyone can recycle without having to walk far from the table.


By installing a dishwasher in the kitchen, we can save a lot of water within the company. At the same time, we should think about buying only energy-efficient electrical appliances.

Green goes everywhere

The easiest way to improve the feeling at work and working conditions is to buy herbs. Many are afraid of this, because quite a lot of plants are difficult to take care of, but there are also less demanding and equally beautiful plants. For example zamioculcas, spider plant, sansevieria trifasciata, dracaena and aloe vera. They will not only have a positive effect on the atmosphere but also on the mood of the people in the office.


Printers have become a huge hit in the corporate space because they allow us to put almost anything electronic into tangible form. Ecological offices are an example of how to use printers correctly so that we do not destroy our planet and at the same time save money on paper, energy and toners.

Recycle what your brand allows

One of the best ways many printing companies are staying green is through recycling programs for used products or toner cartridges. An example is HP, which allows its customers to send back used toners or printers. From there, the company will reuse them to make new pieces or even something else entirely.

Use energy-efficient products

Many companies have been producing printers that are energy-efficient in recent years. This is happening as part of the overall advancement of technology in the world. Printers and other electrical devices use a lot of energy. This is not only bad for your bill, but also bad for the planet. This is the main reason why companies try to improve and constantly develop their products to provide the same good results with less energy.

Here are some simple paper-saving tips you can ask your team to implement:

  • Print pages double-sided or double-sided
  • Think twice before pressing the “Print” button. Do you really need it on paper?
  • Email company-wide information whenever possible
  • Reuse or share documents


Looking for ways to reduce paper consumption in the office? Paper waste is a big problem in business, and if you can reduce the amount of paper waste in the workplace, you can have a positive impact on the environment.

Here are some tips:

  1. Think before you print
    If you’re wondering how to reduce paper waste in the office, simply printing less is the obvious and easy choice. Using a printer to print meeting programs or presentations has become a habit for some of us. But how many times do we look at these papers again?
  2. Take electronic notes
    If you’re a note-taker, there are some great online alternatives available that allow you to go pen-and-paper-free and are an easy way to reduce paper waste.
  3. Hot-desking
    Hot-desking is actually a great way to keep paper consumption to a minimum. It is much more difficult to collect a collection of papers if you can sit in a different seat every day. So it’s a good idea to consider hot-desking if you want to give your team an incentive to reduce paper waste.


About the Author

Sarah Gáliková is a Slovak girl with a passion for writing interesting articles and photography. She studied Economics and business, however her true affection is the english language. Sarah’s free time mostly consists of nature, great books, and a camera.

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