Sustainable Fashion


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Sustainable Fashion

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Fortunately, the so-called slow fashion (sustainable fashion) has recently come more and more to the fore, not only thanks to the demand for high-quality, well-fitting pieces from small collections, produced under fair conditions. Today we will explain what it actually is and how it differs from so-called fast fashion (ready-to-wear).

Let’s list the basic differences between fast fashion and slow fashion. The advantage of ready-to-wear is mainly its low price, large selection, convenience and trendiness.

In contrast, the advantage of sustainable fashion is its transparency, both in production and in the import and selection of materials. It uses natural or recycled raw materials; it has a long life, because it is made of raw materials. It respects the principles of ethics and fair production, it is eco-friendly. In short, it does not only look at profit, but also at people.

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Among the disadvantages of ready-to-wear are often low-quality materials that wear out very quickly. They prioritize quantity over quality, we never know where or who makes a given piece. Their production often results in environmental pollution.

The disadvantage of slow fashion is then a higher price for the products, often a smaller selection. We don’t always have the opportunity to shop in brick-and-mortar stores in our area, but only online. Due to the use of natural materials, we also often have to be more careful when washing or drying.

Second-hand shopping as a sustainable fashion

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Many of us didn’t grow up buying second-hand clothes; we didn’t really pay attention to the environmental impact of the clothes we were wearing. Nowadays, more and more people started buying second-hand to help the environment get better. It is also great for your wallet too, you can wear beautiful pieces of clothing and also save a lot of money.

The second-hand clothing industry is rising with a great number of customers and that’s why you can find stylish and affordable pieces in thrift shops, resale shops or in online places and avoid usage of pesticides, fertilizers, reduce the carbon emissions and pollution.

About the Author

Sarah Gáliková is a Slovak girl with a passion for writing interesting articles and photography. She studied Economics and business, however her true affection is English language. Sarah’s free time mostly consists of nature, great books and a camera.

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