5 Ways to Travel more Ecologically


Sarah Gáliková


5 Ways to Travel more Ecologically

Despite the unfavourable situation in which we found ourselves, we would like to provide you with some useful advice on how to travel more ecologically.

From a certain point of view, for some of us, travel itself can be unfriendly. High mass travel destroys natural monuments such as sea corals or mountain ranges. Air travel releases undesirable substances into the air, which contribute to the formation of the greenhouse effect.

Stopping traveling is impossible and it is also not a solution to the problem, but as a conscientious traveller we can at least reduce our carbon footprint to some extent.

Use of Public Transport

Photo by Aleksejs Bergmanis on Pexels.com

If we are traveling to another district, or to a neighbouring country, public transport can be an excellent alternative instead of a car, which would be more expensive if it is one person. This form of travel will not only reduce carbon emissions, but also provide a different perspective on the life of local people and culture.

Pack Lightly

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Let’s be honest: “Do we really need five different types of pants for a week’s stay?” We end up wearing one all week and the others stay packed in our suitcase for the duration of our stay. A large number of airlines have weight restrictions due to at least partial reduction of the carbon footprint and not due to surcharges for exceeding the required baggage.

Local Food & Drink

Photo by Nicole Michalou on Pexels.com

If we support local markets or local food producers, we get a unique opportunity to get to know the diversity of the given culinary culture. Some may wonder why such a thing matters, but the answer is quite simple: if food is transported long distances using multiple means of transport, greenhouse gas emissions from fuel use increase rapidly.

Supporting “Eco-Friendly” Tourism

Photo by alleksana on Pexels.com

The modern age brings several options to the hotel industry in terms of recycling, saving energy or water. Several hotels with an eco-friendly approach can receive a certificate from the GSTC – an independent and neutral organization that sets and manages global standards for sustainable travel and tourism. Such a certificate provides us as travellers and tourists with the information necessary when deciding between selected hotels.

Reusable Cans & Bottles

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Taking your own bottle with you is a must if we want to avoid repeatedly buying plastic ones, which then end up in the trash and are a non-ecological solution. Many hotels in the area have stands with drinking water, which provide tourists with the opportunity to replenish their water supplies. Bottles are an excellent substitute for plastic bags.

About the Author

Sarah Gáliková is a Slovak girl with a passion for writing interesting articles and photography. She studied Economics and business, however her true affection is English language. Sarah’s free time mostly consists of nature, great books and a camera.

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