Peace Forest Project: Biodiversity Center


John Haughton


Peace Forest Ireland Peace and Reconciliation biodiversity centre, located on a 100 acre site The site to be chosen shall contain some mature woodland, a river, maximum range of Irish native biodiversity flora and fauna. This centre to include full range of conference facilities including residential, peace conference centre, meditation centre. It will have an international remit. The centre will be the main enterprise hub, an agro-forestry and enterprise training centre for itself and the enterprise hubs. It shall include an extensive tree nursery for the cultivation of Irish native hardwood trees and associated biodiversity. It shall contain an arboretum, ‘Trees of the World’.

The project envisages the creation of a Centre of Forest Biodiversity, based on best practice in Horticulture Silva culture, Perma-cultural, and agro forestry; a centre for environmental education, incorporating visitor centre, existing natural woodlands, new tree planting, using 100% native species, commemorative trees, woodcrafts, maximising community involvement; Ogham groves based on the Celtic tree alphabet. The centre envisaged will be held in trust in perpetuity for community benefit. This Woodland Cross-border Peace Project with Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland will promote forest skills, a culture of trees and forests, capacity building and community development. To assist the design of the project and its planning the elements incorporated in the Auroville Peace Centre in Tamil Nadu India will be examined.

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