Video Review: The Turning Point


Nadia Ten Hoeve


The Turning Point is a three-and-a-half-minute short story written, directed and animated by content creator Steve Cutts. The movie was released on YouTube on the first of January 2020. The music was provided by Wantaways. The movie explores the destruction of the environment, climate change and species extinction from different perspectives in todays society.

The plot drives forward through the story of items that damage nature and certain species. Following how they are created, why and what kind of effects these items have on all different stakeholders. Steve chose the be creative with colour. Showing a grey and white world only highlighting and colouring new items that are to be marketed. This could show the short time span of the happiness, use and profit these items bring towards society. The music created by Wantaways describes the dilemma of fighting and staying silenced through it lyrics. The pun rock music itself adds to the uncomfortable and disturbing vibe the movie goes for. The topics implemented in the movie are understandable for all age groups and for everybody who are interested in climate change and the climate crisis. The audience will find things that have happened over the years and are still happening. For example the presence of certain views towards climate change.

The movie was a fast-paced, interesting and disturbing short movie which will keep you interested for the time being. The animation was beautiful and in some moments disturbing, staying within the route the filmmaker wanted to take this movie. The movie also highlights the problems making them feel important which has an effect on people and the actions they are taking. This movie gave a good and effective insight in the destruction of the planet and its inhabitants while at the same time showing of artistic skills. The purpose of spreading information about the climate crisis is met easily with this short, interesting, beautiful and accessible short film. I highly recommend this short film and I give it a four out of five stars.

Watch on YouTube:

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